Prompt 4: 2029

I wake up before my alarm today, so I slip out of bed as carefully as I can. My husband's peaceful snores follow me into the hall, so I close our bedroom door silently behind me. Down the hall I open my other bedroom door to see my wife, sprawled out under the covers. I squeeze in behind her and kiss her gently. We spoon until our alarms go off.

My wife jumps in the shower, and I go downstairs to eat. I have to go upstairs again to wake my daughter—she has a habit of sleeping through her alarm. Once I'm back downstairs, I throw a full-priced Lunchable into her backpack. I hear a door close in our finished basement, and I know that means my brother-in-law is finally going to bed.

After some haggling, my daughter makes it outside and I watch her from the front door as she crunches through the snow to the street corner. (She hates it when I do this, but I want to make sure she gets on the bus safely.) While I'm watching, my wife kisses me on the cheek and goes to the garage. Then my husband appears and holds me from behind. We both wave at my wife as she drives off, then at our embarrassed daughter as she boards the school bus.

He heads to the kitchen and I head to our home office, where I set up my laptop and start to write.

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