Tiera's Earth cover

Tiera's Earth

Book One of Andromeda 9

All Tiera ever wanted was a cozy job—one where she could keep her head down and avoid her anxiety—but no. I just had to take on that big story. I just had to know where those strange men were running off to. I just had to follow them through a wormhole to the Andromeda Galaxy.
And now here she was, waiting in a prison on another world, wondering where her friends were. Wondering when or if the unfeeling government that put her here would let her out—would let her go back home. Wondering whether she’d even have a home to go back to.
No no no—I can’t think like that. I’ll save the Earth. I have a plan. Still, Tiera couldn’t help but feel nervous. After all, her plan came from the insurrectionist who trapped her here in the first place.

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The Invisible Id

He thought the dream would be harmless, but the mind is a dangerous place.

Roy isn’t himself anymore—he hasn’t been for years. Now an overachieving college student, Roy thinks that, maybe if he’s busy enough, he won’t have to think about his problems, about his depression, about the…accident. But when Katie stumbles back into his life, Roy is forced to face his demons—literally. With Katie’s help, Roy journeys into his own mind, where he can bend the very fabric of reality to his will. Through it all, Roy must fight for balance between his impulsive id and manipulative superego. He must choose between the evils of his light-hearted past and his grim present.

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Romantic Love

The Flames and Shadows of Romantic Love: An Essai

In today’s world we are constantly being told what love is, who we should give it to, and how we should give it. We are bombarded with so many opinions that our concept of love becomes more muddled than it was to begin with. Where did all of these opinions come from? What is real love? In this essai, author Ethan T. Marston—a gay Mormon—explores these questions as he looks at romantic love through the lenses of neurochemistry, anthropology, Christian theology, and his own experience.

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